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Connecticut Dems Pushed BS Trump-Russia Hoax then Impeached 


With the Durham Report’s analysis that the FBI & DOJ had no basis to open their investigation into President Trump, it is worth noting that every Connecticut Democrat in Congress voted to impeach President Trump based on what is being confirmed as a seriously flawed investigation with little to no basis in fact.


“The Durham Report is damning. John Durham in his report shows how the Democrats weaponized government law enforcement agencies by engaging in outrageous, unacceptable, and borderline illegal behavior, for the sole purposes of attempting to bring down a sitting President.  The only “collusion” was the plotting of this premeditated, purely political investigation between Democrats in Congress, the Obama-Biden Administration, Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and high-level DOJ officials which was designed to undermine the results of the 2016 Presidential Election,” said Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto, “The entire “Crossfire Hurricane” operation was a sham, and political hit job.  It’s incredibly shameful that Connecticut’s Democrat Delegation pushed this DNC-Obama-Biden-Clinton political hoax, and impeached the President on what was nothing more than a bunch of made up, half-brained hogwash. It is time for the entire Connecticut Congressional Democrat delegation to apologize to the people of Connecticut, not only for the incredible waste of taxpayer money pursuing this hoax, but for their involvement in this audacious act of attempting to undermine confidence in the 2016 election, and in the elected government” continued Proto.


“Most Americans knew this was a partisan, prejudicial investigation with no basis in fact at the time, and all of the nation knows it now. The Democrats were all in, they all pushed the lie, and it’s time they are held to answer for these lies.”