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The Attempt by Democrats to disqualify Donald Trump, or any other candidate from the Republican Primary Ballot, is un-American. 


It has recently been reported that a group of highly partisan, left-wing conspiracy driven  Democrats have called upon Stephanie Thomas, the Connecticut Secretary of the State, to use  the provision of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution to disqualify  Donald J. Trump from the Republican Presidential Primary Ballot. 


“Secretary Thomas, should not even entertain this request and, more importantly, neither  Secretary Thomas, nor any Secretary of the State or election official across America is qualified  to interpret the United States Constitution” said Republican State Chairman, Ben Proto. 


The Republican voters of Connecticut, not only deserve to vote on who should be the  Republican Party’s nominee for President but, have the right to go to the polls to vote how they  wish. That right should not be removed or tampered with by any Secretary of the State.  Democrats are trying their best to disqualify a Republican candidate for President because their  party is in free fall over Joe Biden’s failed presidency and deteriorating health. 


“The right to vote for the candidate of your choosing is sacred in America. No one, particularly  not a partisan election official should ever attempt to take that right for the American voter”  concluded Proto.